About Us

Happy Trunk Apparel Started With A Trip To Thailand And A Deep Love For Elephants...

Hi there! I'm Emily, the founder of Happy Trunk Apparel.

I have always loved elephants, and after spending 3 months in the beautiful country of Thailand and spending time with them I decided to help.

On our website you will find beautifully crafted, super comfortable clothing and amazing jewelry. 

We donate a portion of money earned from this store to help fund the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

This means that your purchase not only gets you awesome apparel - but helps precious endangered animals!

I pride myself in connecting with all of my customers, and our customer service is unparalleled. If you ever have any questions, I'm only an email away.

Happy Shopping!


UPDATE! We sponsored an elephant!

Thanks to our amazing customers we have been able to sponsor the very elephant from the photo above! Read our Facebook post for more details.